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Custom Spray Tanning 

Glow on the go! 

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Indulge in a luxurious experience as our all natural spray tanning solution is expertly applied, evenly coating your skin for a seamless finish.

Say goodbye to streaks, blotches, and orange hues – our formula is customized to deliver a beautiful bronze tone that lasts, by using your skin's undertones and your desired depth of tan. 


Single Spray: $50 

Group Tanning: $10 off groups of 3 or more.

*For group tanning rates: must book all sprays for the same day and time. 


The Process

How to prepare for your spray:

  1. Exfoliate. You'll want to use a gentle scrub to remove dead skin cells for an even application.

  2. Stay hydrated, inside and out. Up your daily water intake for supple skin. Keep up with your skincare routine and moisturize daily.

  3. Schedule all other beauty services prior to your spray tan. Spray tans should be the last stop on your list.

  4. Arrive with clean skin. You'll want to skip the makeup, lotion, perfume, and deodorant for your appointment.

  5. Shave/wax 24-48 hours prior.

  6. Wear loose fitting, dark clothing to and after your appointment.

During your spray:

  1. You will be in a private room with your spray tan artist who will go over the poses for an even tan. After discussing your desired shade, your artist will leave the room to custom mix your spray tan solution.

  2. You may undress to your comfort level- some choose to wear underwear and no top, and some choose to wear a bikini. It's your choice! I also provide disposable panties should you wish to avoid spraying your clothing.

  3. Your skin will be prepped with a pH balancing spray followed by barrier cream on your hands, elbows, wrists, feet, ankles, and knees.

  4. The spray will be customized to the curvatures to your body. Typically, only one spray pass is needed but in some circumstances two passes may be done to even out the tone.

  5. After being dried with the airbrush compressor, you'll be given time to redress.

After your appointment:

  1. Your tan will develop over the next 8 hours.

  2. Avoid sweating, saunas, scrubbing, swimming, or showering while it develops

  3. After showering, pat dry. Do not scrub

  4. Avoid chlorine and salt water to maintain a long lasting tan

  5. Moisturize daily!

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