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A Romantic Elopement in the Heart of History


The charming and historic architecture of Saint Augustine, Florida creates the ultimate backdrop for a romantic elopement within the Nation's Oldest City. St. Augustine, founded in 1565, is comprised of narrow cobblestone streets, enchanting structures, and serene Bayfront. Many couples come from near and far to unite with love in our alluring city.

Amber and Eli were no exception- visiting all the way from New Jersey, they exchanged heartfelt vows in a private setting captured by photographer, Lena Christine. With cobblestone streets beneath their feet, each step echoed with the whispers of centuries gone by as they ventured hand-in-hand through the winding alleys and under the arches of this magnetic town. Surrounded by the echoes of history and the picturesque backdrop of centuries-old architecture, their elopement was a testament to love's enduring power and the magic of blending their own modern love story with the rich tapestry of the past.

As the warm July sun began to set, they took their first steps as newlyweds strolling along the winding pathways that led them to the Bayfront with the notorious Bridge of Lions in the near distance. The bay's tranquil waters glistened in the gentle evening sun, providing a serene backdrop as they embraced the start of their new life together.

Hair and Makeup: Beauty by Ashley Taylor

Photographer: Lena Christine

For more information on elopement packages, check out Lena or read her blog post here.

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Sep 13, 2023

So dreamy!

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