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An Enchanting Elopement at a Historic Castle


In a world where weddings are often grand spectacles with a guest list that seems never-ending, there's a timeless enchantment to the intimacy and romance of an elopement.

Picture this: A fairytale setting, centuries of history echoing through the stone walls, and a love story that unfolds in the shadows of a historic castle. Nestled within the pages of history, this castle holds secrets of generations past, and when they bear witness to an elopement, they become the backdrop for a love story that's a tale as old as time.

Beginning in 1984, the careful hands of an artist sculpted the Scottish inspired architecture of what is now known as the eye-catching "Castle Otttis". Tucked away blissfully on Vilano Beach, Florida, the structure is primarily occupied by tourist groups and individuals who are mesmerized by the art piece. The beautiful sanctuary was the scene that Madison and Griffin chose to host their intimate elopement.

Underneath the winding spiral staircase looking out of windows framing the world in panes of possibility, a love story is painted before our eyes. The couple concluded their vows by painting a vivid picture of their future together, marked by love, trust, and unity.

Succeeding their vow exchange, the glowing couple marched to the beach, hand in hand, to freely celebrate their dedication to one another.


We opted for a non-traditional wedding day hair and makeup look, inspired by the enchanting ambiance of the castle. Madison's ceremony hair was inspired by the edginess of a modern day Scottish viking. Her eye makeup was the focal point of her face, being angular and earth toned. After exchanging vows, she released her hair symbolizing the liberation her soul experienced as their love story intertwined into one infinite journey.


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