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Old World Charm Meets Modern Elegance | Saint Augustine Wedding Venue


Nestled on the hallowed cobblestones of Aviles Street in the heart of historic downtown St. Augustine, Florida, 9 Aviles proudly claims its place as the sole event venue on the oldest street in the nation. With its construction dating back to 1911, this newly unveiled wedding and event venue exudes a graceful charm that transports visitors to a bygone era. Completed with timeless details and authentic Spanish architecture, 9 Aviles promises an unforgettable and enchanting experience, making it the perfect backdrop for your magical and picturesque celebration.

The intimate ambiance at 9 Aviles sets the stage for an ideal backdrop, whether you're planning an intimate wedding ceremony, hosting a bridal or baby shower, organizing a small-scale celebration, or capturing the essence of your love story in engagement photo shoots.

Our day kicked off with Teaghan's preparations, as she got camera-ready at my hair and makeup studio, conveniently situated just a short drive away on Ponce DeLeon Boulevard, ensuring a seamless transition to the venue.

In keeping with the theme that marries the timeless essence of our location with modern flair, we drew inspiration from the elegant Sofia Richie for Teaghan's bridal hairstyle. The choice was a sleek, knotted bun adorned with pearl accents- an embodiment of sophistication. Complementing this hairstyle, Teaghan's bridal makeup exuded timelessness. We applied a rosy toned blush to her cheeks, while her eyes shimmered with carefully selected crease shadows that beautifully enhanced her doe-eyed charm. The airbrush makeup created a smooth, porcelain finish that is meant to last through happy tears. The result? A bride whose natural beauty was not just enhanced, but elevated to a level of exquisite radiance.

Jenn made sure to capture every picturesque moment within the venue's beautiful surroundings. From the charming balcony that offered sweeping views to the cozy bridal suite and the fireplace draped with florals, it has it all!

As we ventured beyond the venue, the cobblestone street that gracefully bordered the location became a stage for timeless captures. We were met outside by St. Augustine regular named Norman the horse, adding an unexpected touch of local charm.

We ended our day with a "runaway bride" outside of the decorated welcoming gates and a glass of Prosecco for a celebratory "cheers!". This photoshoot was to showcase the beauty of not only the venue itself, but the collaboration of vendors who came from near and far to get their creative juices flowing just in time for our busiest time of the year for wedding professionals.

Check out all the vendors who participated below:

Venue | 9 Aviles

Hair & Makeup | Beauty by Ashley Taylor

Bridal Gown | Beauty Within Bridal

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