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Seaside Serenity: A Blissful Beach Elopement


When it comes to celebrating love, there's something incredibly romantic about an intimate beach elopement. The soft sands, the rhythmic waves, and the endless horizon create the perfect backdrop for an unforgettable day filled with love, laughter, and cherished memories. In this blog, I'll take you on a journey through the enchanting day that encompassed Rozie and Rob's intimate beach elopement and share tips and inspiration for planning your own magical seaside celebration.

Elopements have gained popularity in recent years, and for good reason. They offer couples the chance to exchange vows in a private, meaningful way without the stress and expense of a traditional wedding. When you combine the intimacy of an elopement with the beauty of a beach setting, you get a match made in heaven.

North Florida and its long, stunning beaches is the perfect backdrop for an intimate elopement. From Amelia Island, through Ponte Vedra, to Saint Augustine, and Vilano Beach, there are many quiet spots to tuck away and celebrate with your loved ones.

As the sun began its gentle ascent on the morning of their elopement, there was an air of quiet excitement in the room. Rozie arrived at my studio, glee and excitement was beaming off of her wide smile, ready to conquer her hair and makeup. With her long, rapunzelesque locks, Jackie carefully crafted an intricate mermaid inspired braid accented with hints of Baby's Beath florals. As she sat in my chair, I delicately enhanced her natural beauty using earth-tones and hints of shimmer for the sun to catch at just the right angles during golden hour. We watched her confidence grow with each brush stroke. Once completed, she stepped into her flowing white gown to go meet her love on the beach.

After the intimate ceremony, the newlyweds celebrated with a seaside picnic. Fresh cheeses, tropical fruits, and champagne created a feast fit for a beachfront celebration. They laughed, toasted, and reveled in their newfound status as husband and wife.

As the day transformed into evening, the sky painted a masterpiece of colors—shades of pink,

orange, and gold. The couple took a leisurely stroll along the shoreline, their footsteps leaving imprints in the sand, a metaphor for the indelible mark their love had made on each other's hearts.

After the newly married couple shared many laughs, enjoyed a small meal, and sliced into their sweet, buttercream cake, stars emerged in the velvety night sky. The couple made a promise to each other—to cherish the love they had found by the sea, to navigate life's tides together, and to always return to the place where their love story began.


Makeup Artist Ashley Taylor | Beauty by Ashley Taylor

Hair Stylist Jackie Fermin | Mane Event Artistry

Florals RozieCreated

Picnic Set-up and Charcuterie Board HoneyEventCo

Stationary Kokomo Creative

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Sep 13, 2023

I am loving the braid!

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