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Your Journey to Bridal Beauty Bliss

Congratulations; we are SO excited you are here! What an honor it is to be your bridal hair and makeup artist. Please continue reading to learn more about what to expect during your wedding planning process with us, and gain some helpful information that will be imperative to a seamless wedding day!

Booking your preview (trial):

While we don't require a preview, we highly recommend doing so. This eliminates unwanted stress on wedding day and allows us to adjust anything that you didn't love upon first go-around.

I recommend scheduling your preview for your engagement photos to see how the look photographs. If you aren't doing photos, plan to do the preview about 1-3 months pre-wedding. Previews are done during the week in studio.

Planning your timeline:

Leave it up to us! We will build your hair and makeup timeline based on your ceremony time, number of services, and time of your first look/pre-ceremony photos. This is a collaborative effort between us, your coordinator, and your photographer. It is SO important that we all work together on this- so when your coordinator or photographer gives you a finish time, please let us know!

We tentatively plan to be completed with all services 2.5-3 hours prior to your ceremony to account for changing, transportation to venue, first look photos, bridal party photos, and a bit of chill time before walking down the aisle.

For example: if your ceremony is at 5:00, and you are taking bridal party photos at 3:30, we would plan to be completed with hair and makeup no later than 3:00. Another important thing to remember: we typically need every minute that we plan on our timeline! If we give you a completion time of 3:30, this does not mean you will be in your dress at 3:30. This means all hair and makeup services will be completed at 3:30 so you can then change into your dresses and begin photos.

We always save lipstick and touch ups for the last 30 minutes of our timeline. Please be sure to eat before your makeup spot! It can be an early day, so we want everyone to be fresh and photo ready before we leave.

Keep in mind- if your timeline has not been given to us within 4 months of your wedding date, we cannot always guarantee additional artist availability should we need to finish earlier, or get a later venue access time.

Bridal suite & getting ready locations:

There are so many beautiful venues and getting ready locations in our area! Piggybacking off the above paragraph, knowing the access time to your venue is essential to your timeline planning. In some cases, if we aren't allowed into the venue early enough to complete all services in a timely manner we will bring in additional artists to help streamline the process.

If you are planning to get ready in a hotel and you have a bridal party, we recommend booking a large suite, or conference room. Standard rooms get pretty cozy when we have multiple artists and a bridal party! I also have compiled a list of Airbnbs & vacation rentals in St. Augustine that are spacious and have great lighting :) Just let me know if you need the list!

Bridal party duties:

We know you chose your most special people to be your bridal party, and we want them to be pampered as well! In order for us to knock it out of the park, we need to ensure everyone arrives on time and prepped. Sooo, what do we mean by prepped? If they are receiving hair services, they must have clean, dry hair (not air dried), and if they are receiving makeup services they should arrive with clean skin. We don't plan extra time in our timeline for blow-outs of adding extensions, so please give us a heads up if anyone is opting to add on! We recommend everyone arriving together, especially if it is a large group so we can keep "butts in seats" and avoid delays!

Skin prep:

The key to flawless makeup is....proper skincare! I highly recommend getting regular facials leading up to your wedding. Dermaplaning and hyrdofacials are some of the best treatments you can do to get that radiant glow.

I also offer spray tans! The all-natural, violet based formulation will give a bronzed, sun kissed glow. Bring your bridal party for a special bridal rate.

Hair prep:

Regular trims will help the overall health of your hair. If you want some added dimension to your style, add a few highlights throughout. If you are planning on having a thick, voluminous, Pinterest worthy look- plan for clip in extensions!

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