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From Mane to Glow: Prepping Tips for your Hair and Makeup Appointment

The key to a flawless hair and makeup application lies in the groundwork you lay prior to your appointment. With the right prepping routine, you can ensure your makeup lasts longer, looks smoother, and feels more comfortable.

Read our tips below on how to get the absolute most out of your upcoming appointment!



Skin preparation:

  • Establish a daily skincare regimen to keep your skin balanced and supple. For a simple routine, it's best to wash your skin twice daily, exfoliate 2-3 times a week, and moisturize daily. Exfoliation will play a major role in how the makeup sits on your skin. Makeup will cling onto dry patches and create a cakey appearance.

  • If you prefer a clean look, I recommend to groom or wax any fuzzy areas about a week prior. Please do not wax within 3 days prior to your appointment as your skin will be sensitized.

  • Avoid excessive sun exposure to prevent sunburned or chapped skin. Makeup tends to slip off of skin that is sunburned.

  • You should arrive to your appointment with clean (makeup-free) skin. You can lightly moisturize if you'd like but your skin will be properly prepped by your artist at your appointment.

  • When looking for inspiration photos, try to find models with similar facial features to yours.

  • Keep in mind that event makeup is typically heavier than everyday makeup! While we specialize in airbrush to keep it looking skin-like and lightweight, you will still probably feel like you have on more makeup than usual :)

  • Remember- fine lines are NORMAL! While we cannot eliminate wrinkles and lines, we do our best to prevent them from feeling "cakey"

Hair preparation:

  • Unless a blow-out has been scheduled prior to your appointment, you should arrive with clean, dry hair. To avoid frizziness, we recommend washing and blow drying your hair the night prior to or the morning of your appointment. Air drying can cause excess moisture at your scalp which contributes to frizziness.

  • If you find that your hair has a hard time holding a curl, or if your hair is fine, you should use a mousse after washing your hair before blow drying focusing mainly at the roots. I love the Kenra Volume Mousse 12 (you can find it on our Amazon store front here).

  • You can bring your clip-in extensions if you'd like more volume! We're partnered with Bellami and Googoo to offer the best options to our clients. You can check out those options here. If you need assistance finding your shade match or size please let us know and we will point you in the right direction.

  • When looking for inspo photos it's best to look for styles with a similar color and texture to yours.

  • Bring any hair accessories that you would like us to apply.

Curly Girl Hair Preparation

  • Embrace the curls! If you're opting to enhance your curls, it's best to start with a solid curly routine. Finding the best products that work well to moisturize your curls and reduce frizz will be key in locking down your bridal look.

  • You can prep your hair as you normally do. Wash, and apply products as normal. We recommend avoiding any heavy oils that may weigh down your curls. If you typically air dry, please wash it with enough time to be fully dry prior to your appointment. We also recommend diffusing your hair if you're in a time crunch.

  • If you wish to go with a smooth style, it's best to wash your hair and blow dry it smooth. You don't need to straighten it to get it smooth, but as long as you can eliminate most frizz we can work with the volume!

A flawless appointment begins with a well-prepped canvas! By following these steps, you can ensure that your hair and skin is ready to embrace the magic of makeup and styling, leaving you with a stunning and long-lasting look. Don't overlook the importance of preparation—it's the secret behind a flawless, radiant finish that lasts throughout the day!

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